Ystrad Meurig Community Council

Welcome to the website of Ystrad Meurig Community Council. The Community Council area covers the villages of Ystrad Meurig, Tynygraig and Swyddffynnon.

Councillors: Community councillors are elected every four years. The next election will be in 2017.

Responsibilities: Community councils have responsibility for (or are permitted to act regarding) a wide range of local services and functions. You can see a full list of functions here

Finance: the activities of community councils are funded through the Council Tax. Each community council decides how much to charge to cover its expenditure.

Swyddffynnon Monument  (c) Cyngor Ystrad Meurig Council

Swyddffynnon Monument

Swyddffynnon Monument

Thank you for undertaking to place flowers on the monument.

Please ensure that the monument area is clean for the next person. The above shows that we continue to remember and respect.

Here is the list for 2017.

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Council meetings

The council meets monthly.

Dates of meetings for 2017

Annual General Meeting 2016

Latest minutes (03/08/17)

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Caradog Chapel, Tynygraig (c) Cyngor Ystrad Meurig Council

Caradog Chapel, Tynygraig

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